Look on most desks and you will see what is the user’s most prized possession. Not the computer or the phone or even the small items; pens pencils or staplers which generally gets borrowed never to be seen again.

The thing that rightfully takes pride of place is the humble office mug. With the way the business is going, flexible working hours, open plan offices and stress of modern life which have become the norm, people want something familiar. What can be more familiar or comforting than a cup of tea or coffee in your own mug as opposed to any old mug from the lunchroom which you have no idea where it has been or who has used it.

The other strange thing is about having your own mug is that they get looked after and other people leave it alone wishing they had one as well.

It is for good reason that mugs are one of the most successful promotional items. They are functional, useful, cost effective and people get attached to them. Add this to the range of mugs available and printing options it is possible to see how a mug can be an effective and convenient branding tool for your company.

Mugs provide excellent space to identify your brand, you can have your corporate logo, website, company statement or even personalise to individual staff members.

With all sorts of promotional items to choose from you can guarantee that the mug will last; it doesn’t have batteries that you can’t replace, the branding won’t come off, it won’t fall apart and most importantly it won’t go out of fashion.

Any promotional item you chose should reflect the values of your company. As well as conveying the right message about your brand as you should never forget who will be using the mug. Make sure you consider your audience so the mug you send is suited to their needs.

Be original. The more original or unique the mug or branding the more likely the customer will use it – remember they may already have their faithful mug so yours has to be better to convince them to use it.